Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bean bag GOMO - indoor/outdoor

Bean bag GOMO - indoor/outdoor

bean bags info
1) fabric - Stain & dirt resistant oxford 420D
2) length 180cm , width 140cm ... approx
3) beads - approx 4.5kg
4) total weight = around 6kg
5) just wipe off clean with damp cloth, no need machine wash
6)  fully removeable strap
available in 
1) black  out of stock
2) red   in stock
3) orange -  in stock
4) lime green  in stock
4) purple  in stock

Cover only (without polystyrene beads)

For those adventurous soul who would like to do their own filling, cover only (comes with inner) is available for RM188FREE shipping to all over Malaysia

Need polystyrene beads only ? Best offer RM100 (shipping included to Semenanjung** ONLY  for 0.27 cubic meter of fresh polystyrene beads (weight between 3.3-3.5kg).

** cannot deliver to Gua Musang, Kelantan

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